Offer Terms & Conditions

1 - Offer

1.1 The following terms and conditions are applied to our offers
(a) These general terms are going to apply to every offer:
(i) Anytime an offer requires the purchase of our products or services for the benefit of the offer (a giveaway or discount) you have to pay the full price in order to benefit;
(ii) Offers are only available when new purchases are being made;
(vi) Offers can’t be applied in conjunction with other available offers unless this is specifically stated;
(v) Offers can’t be exchanged or redeemed in any way including cash;
(vi) Some of the images or illustrations shown in our offers may not be available for the duration of the offer, if this happens, you will be able to exchange them for items that have equivalent value and specifications to the products offered or the buyer (you) could cancel the offer and request a full refund for their purchase; we could at times update, or delete an offer without any warning from our site or other form of advertising. Any of these removals are not going to affect those who already purchased the offers prior to the removal, so you can rest assured that your purchase is not going to be affected.

2 - Pricing

2.1 Our pricing is subject to the following;
(a) subject to disclaimers and assumptions
(b) subject to customers premises in Australia
(c) based on Metro Area Installation of products
(d) the assumption that the customer will have their STCs assigned to us and provide any necessary data;
(e) they are generated based on STC zones
(f) assuming that the customer has a one storey property
(g) assuming that the customer has a tin roof
2.2 The prices you pay for our products and services could change if any circumstances in clause 2.1 are changed.
2.3 Any offer over 6,600 watts when a customers property is in either Endeavour Energy, Energex, Essential Energy, or Ergon, there is a chance that the solar system may need to be export limited as a possible request from the utility provider. What this means is that the maximum amount of power that you can export to the power grid is going to be limited. A Smart Meter will be implemented to export limit.

3 - Definitions

3.1 Terms
(a) Agreement is the meaning of the agreement that we have for sale and supply of the services we offer.
(b) Disclaimer and assumptions or any information that relates to assumptions, or savings and other statements regarding what has been noted in the offer.
(c) STC discounts from the government means any benefit, incentive, payment, rebate, subsidy, refund or any other type of transaction or action related to the product purchase.
(d) The metro Area is the area that is found as far as 50km from any of the following locations in Australia:
• Victoria –Melbourne 3000
• Western Australia – Perth 6000
• Queensland – Brisbane 4000
• Tasmania – Hobart 7000
• New South Wales – Sydney 2000
• South Australia – Adelaide 5000
(e) Offer is referring to any type of incentive, promotion, benefit or gift that we decide to offer to our customers. This could be done through our website, social media, or with any kind of advertisement online and offline.
(f) Offer terms means the contents of this document.
(g) STCs means any certificates for small-scale technology that are clearly defined in the act 2000 for renewable energy as they are replaced or amended sporadically.
(h) Pay-back period refers to how long it will take customers in terms of years to recover the outlay for purchase of the system that is offered.
(i) Grid provider refers to the business that is in charge of providing supplies and distribution of power in your specific location.
(j) Feed in tariff refers to value of the money credited to the customer by the retailer for any generated power that was unused.
(k) VIC refers to the state of Victoria, Australia.