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With the rising energy costs, it’s clear that now is the time to switch to solar and future-proof your home.

Not Just Faster, But Smarter

Charge Up Faster

Power your EV up to 6x faster
than a standard outlet.

Power Any EV

Enjoy compatibility with any
brand of EV on the road.

Stay Connected

Schedule charge times set reminders,
and more with smartphone capabilities.

Sustainable travel with
electric vehicles

There are many reasons to make your next vehicle purchase an electric car. Lower fuel costs, environmental stewardship, and energy independence are all compelling reasons to go electric with your next car.

Solbase offers Electric Vehicle Chargers designed for private, commercial and public use. We can help you decide which EV Charger is best for your needs, design you a fully customised solution for your site, and install your new EV Charger(s) with minimal fuss.

SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

With SolarEdge’s EV Charging Inverter, homeowners can utilise grid and PV charging simultaneously, allowing them to optimise their use of renewable energy and increase energy independence.

You can also track your charging status, control vehicle charging, and set charging schedules.

Tesla EV Charger

Tesla Wall Connectors, Destination Charging sites and Superchargers ensure you stay charged any time, anywhere.

Stay charged wherever you normally park—overnight at home, during the day at your workplace, or around the city.

You can also monitor and control charging and get notifications when charging is complete with the Tesla app.

Our Trusted Suppliers

We work with new technology, innovation and partner with industry leaders.